Duo-Vision Electronic Operator
Suitable for all types of Up and Over Garage Doors
Side-Hinged Doors and Sectional Garage Doors
  • Extremely Secure with the 66-Bit code which provides 74 trillion different combination codes
  • Obstacle recognition and partial or full reversal when obstruction is met
  • Self-locking motor offers complete security against burglary
  • Extremely quiet opening and closing 
  • Maintenance Free

                                             Marathon Tiga                                                     For use on underground car park areas for communal access
Curved Arm
For installation on all types of Canopy Garage Doors
Radio Conversion Set
Converts older and obsolete operators to the latest 868.8 MHz frequency
(works with all manufacturers)
                         Release Lock                                  For use when no other access is available                     (in case of power failure)
             One way light barrier                         Prevents garage doors or gates operating when the beam is obstructed
A wireless digital entry system
 with either 10 or 30 independent code settings     
Flush Mounted Key Switch
Surface Mounted Key Switch
2 Button mini hand transmitter
     With a radio frequency 40.685 MHz
       Four Button hand transmitter
Ideal if you have multiple doors or gates
Radio frequency 868.8 MHz with Somloq rolling code security
A two Button version is also available
          Aperto hand transmitter
      (Old type Henderson Operator)